How to Find Best Affiliate Programs in Your Niche (3 Ways)

When you’re looking for ways to monetize your blog, affiliate programs may seem like a natural fit. After all, they’ve become one of the most popular ways to make money as a blogger, and plenty of cool places have affiliate programs.

But with so many options, how do you know which ones are worth your time? After all, each site will be different regarding its cut, commission rate, and general terms for joining.

Figuring out which affiliate program is best for you can be difficult, especially if this is your first foray into affiliate programs and affiliate marketing.

In this blog post, I’ll explore exactly how you can find the best affiliate programs in your niche.

Finding the best affiliate program for your niche isn’t as simple as joining your first network or program. You may want to think about joining a few different affiliate programs to maximize your revenue.

The trick is finding affiliate programs that match your niche and that your readers would be interested in. Here are a few steps you can take to find the best affiliate programs for your blog or niche:

How to Find Best Affiliate Programs in Your Niche (3 Ways)

1. Affiliate Networks

Sign up for a few affiliate networks. You can join several affiliate networks, each of which will host various affiliate programs.

What are affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks are websites that connect merchants (like Amazon & other companies) with affiliates (like you!). When merchants want to sell their product, they list it on an affiliate network. When someone clicks on the link, they are taken to the merchant’s website.

The affiliate network pays the affiliate for each sale that is made. In most cases, the affiliate network will have its own set of terms and conditions that must be agreed upon by both parties before any sales can be made. Check them out before signing up as an affiliate.

Some popular affiliate networks are:-

  • ShareAsale
  • Clickbank
  • Awin
  • Amazon Associates
  • CJ Affiliates
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • Avangate
  • Flexoffers

My personal thought:- Affiliate Networks can be a great way to look out for affiliate programs within your niche. But it can be overwhelming to filter out the best ones, as you may be confused about which one suits you the best.

2. Check Company’s Websites

I personally used this method but later went on to just another smart method (check point 3).

This method is quite simple, but it is time-consuming.

Let me explain with an example:-

If you are into the woodworking niche and want to promote products related to woodworking, I would just make a list of companies in this niche and then go search one by one in their footer if they have an affiliate program or not.

Often, companies do provide a link in their footer named “Become an affiliate”, “Affiliate Portal” or just “Affiliate Program”

Then you can simply click on it and check the details.

Here’s one company called “KC Tool” in the woodworking niche.

You can even use a search operator to find affiliate programs.

Just type in “intext:woodworking” + inurl:affiliate program

This will show you results that have woodworking in text and affiliate program in the URL.

3. Affiliate Corner

With this method, you can save hundreds of hours of research and manual work. On top of that, you will get some amazing insights into many affiliate niches.

What is Affiliate Corner?

Affiliate Corner is a done-for-you research solution for anyone who wants to filter, search affiliate programs, and unlock insights such as keywords to target (crucial for SEO), promotion strategies for affiliates, target audience, and much more.

It’s an interesting approach to finding affiliate programs.

The best thing about Affiliate Corner is you can filter across 20+ data points and also filter with respect to your professions and skillsets.

Here’s a video walkthrough:

Now that you know how to find the best affiliate programs in your niche, it’s time to understand what makes an affiliate program the best.

This checklist will help filter out the best affiliate programs out there.

5 things to consider while choosing an affiliate program in your niche:

  • Type of commission:- Depending on the company’s offering, they can provide you with recurring or one-time commissions. You must know which type of commissions you will get when you sign up.
    • Recurring commissions are a great way for that holy grail of “passive income,” but obviously, one-time commissions are also good. It really depends on how the product offering is.
  • Dedicated affiliate manager:- A dedicated affiliate manager will help kickstart your affiliate journey. They often have intricate knowledge about the product, audience, offerings, discounts, and more. So whenever you sign up, make sure you know that the program has a dedicated affiliate manager.

Pro Tip: With Affiliate Corner, you can just filter whether a program has an affiliate manager or not within seconds.

  • Cookie Life:– Cookie life tracks the duration from which the affiliate URL is clicked by the user. The more the cookie life, the better it is. So watch out for this important factor when you sign up.
  • Brand reputation:- You don’t want to promote products of companies with a bad reputation. This will ultimately tarnish your image as an affiliate. Make sure to do due diligence on the brand you are promoting. Check any negative reviews and comments.
  • Commission period:- Usually, the more the commission period, the better it is. Imagine having a lifetime recurring commission as long as the customer pays for it. That is the best thing you can experience. So do check for such factors before subscribing to the affiliate program.

Final Thoughts

It is very important the product you are promoting is top-notch and is beneficial for users. I personally promote products that I use. Hence I know the ins and outs of it. But you can anytime promote a product that you don’t use.

Pro tip: You can always ask the affiliate manager to get you access for free so that you can even explore the product before promoting it.

After reading this article, I hope you can find the best affiliate program for your niche. My personal recommendation will be to get access to Affiliate Corner. You will save a lot of time.

Affiliate Corner

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